Announcement: Coleman Skills for Various Infor Cloud Suites

Hello all, 

Various Infor cloud suites are releasing standard skill content for Coleman Digital Assistant. I want to encourage the user community here to start exploring these skills and make use of new innovations from Infor. This post will be a directory of all released Coleman skill content that can be downloaded via KB solutions in Infor Xtreme support portal. 

Infor CloudSuite HCM

KB 2095703 - 

Infor CloudSuite Financials

KB 2083034 - 

Infor M3 based CloudSuites 

KB 2115095 - 

  • Hi Vignesh,
    Thank you for the overview. I work with M3 and have started doing some experiments with Coleman DA. I wanted to get the M3 based skills, but on the KB you linked they are only described but not attached as you write above.
    They are not provisioned to our tenant either.
    Can you help me with where to find that content for download?
  • Hi Mads - There is a zip file attached to the KB
  • Indeed. The zip file contains the skills you can import.
    As far enabling the product in your tenant - At this moment its only available for tenants in US-E. (For other regions, this should be ready by June. Note this is a Tentative estimate and not a commitment). And you need to be entitled for the sku COL-S-DAC-MT. If your tenant is in US-E and if you are entitled for this SKU, please let me know.
  • Hi, I still fail to see the zip file. The KB looks quite empty to me (see screenshot). 

    We already have Coleman DA activated in out tenant and I have build a few skills with it. However, I would like to be able to learn from the content provided by Infor.   


    Best regards, 


  • Hi Mads - I have republished the KB - please try again!
  • Now I see them. Thank you!
    Looking forward to have a go with them.
    Are there any news as to when and how a new text based interaction will be available for Colaman AI when Chat is phased out? - I saw a post about MS Teams, but when? :)
  • HI Vignesh

    I have deployed skills for Cloudsuite HCM in Coleman. when I run the skills the backend Call to HCM is not working, error message is "Sorry an error occurred in processing your request. Please contact administrator.".

    Is there any setup I have to complete before running the skills?

  • Sure. One request - I would like to keep this thread for announcement of KB/ cataloging them. 

    Can you please post a new question on this problem, so that we can track the troubleshooting tips via that thread for the benefit of others too. Thanks.