'Input String was not in correct format' error in Mingle POST API Call


I am trying to make an API call to Mingle POST API: Finish ION Task Item through  my .Net client.

API URL: "/infor/Mingle/IONDataService.Svc/User/<ServiceAccountGUID>/Task/1/158992/<ServiceAccountGUID>/Finish"


The JSON AssignRequest Body being used is:


"DataType": 50,
"FinishButtonValues": "approved|/|reject",
"Id": 46,
"Label": "Approve|/|Reject",
"Name": "Options",
"ReadOnly": false,
"SerializedValue": "approved|/|reject",
"TaskListItemId": 158992,


These values are fetched from the table 'tkl_Parameter_Defs' from ION Database.

I am getting an issue as: 'Input String was not in a correct format'.

Please help me on the possible reasons behind this error.


Thanks in Advance.



Ridhima Sinha