When using MvxSockJ in java, how to change maxrecords?


I made general API class in order to fetch data to MOM via M3 APIs.

Now we faced problem where data is quite huge. But in MvxSockJ no has methoed to set maxReturnedRecords like you can do in JavaScript?

Br Jyka

  • Hi,

    I don't think there is a way to set maxRecords in MvxSockJ.

    Do you use while(mvxsock.mvxMore() )  { //get data } 


  • The no return records is set on the MI-program via a transaction, not the client side Java code. 

    Fields for GENERAL.SetLstMaxRec
    This transaction is used to set the maximum number of trans-
    actions returned for list-transactions. Input value 0 means
    no limit of records, all will be returned. This setting is
    in effect until the program is closed or another transaction
    is issued with another number. Default number of returned
    records are in all programs 100.

    nbound fields
    Field Description From To Length Mandatory Type
    MRCD Max records 16 20 5 No N