EAM Extensible Framework to Open A Screen In a Pop Up

Does anyone know how to open a screen up in a pop up using EF? This would work similar to clicking on a field with a hyperlink.

  • Hello,
    I'm using this:

    function openPopup (vSysFunc,vUserFunc,vField,vOperator,vValue,vTab){
    var a = {
    'initpath': vSysFunc,
    'USER_FUNCTION_NAME': vUserFunc,
    'MENU_MODULE_KEY': '-1',
    'fromlogin': 'yes',
    'popup': 'TRUE',
    'skipfirstfunccheck': !0,

    var d = ["hyperlink", 1, "Q:WEBL", "COMPONENT_INFO_TYPE=HEAD_DATA&DATASPY_ID=&MADDON_FILTER_ALIAS_NAME_1="+vField+"&MADDON_FILTER_OPERATOR_1=" + encodeURIComponent(vOperator) + "&MADDON_FILTER_JOINER_1=AND&MADDON_FILTER_SEQNUM_1=1&MADDON_FILTER_VALUE_1=" + encodeURIComponent(vValue) + "&ADDONS_REQUIRED=true&", vField];
    var c = EAM.Utils.createModal({
    header: false,
    parentContext: window
    c.update('loadmain?' + Ext.Object.toQueryString(a),d);
    };// end openPopup
  • Thank you this works. It took me a bit to get some of the parameters figured out. How do you determine what the parameter values should be?