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Extensibility framework - Copy button


I am trying to show a reminder popup for end users when they create an asset, so that the do not forget to create a meter for the new asset.

I have added handling for pressing the 'New' button, but as it is common to use 'Copy' to get most values filled in on the asset, i want to add handling to the Copy button as well.

Is there an event to capture for this as well ?

I do not want to use Save as that also requires my to solve finding out if there is a meter and not remind on all save events.

Unless someone is kind enough to solve that for me :-)

  • You can put an event handler on any object on the screen, including the save and copy button.
    You can also query the meter table as part of your save/copy event.

    Contact me privately

  • What is the event for copy button then? According to documentation from Infor on EAM Extensibility Framework there is no event for Copy. I have used 'afternewrecord' for New. 
    Or do I have to add my own event to the Copy Button ?

    I think i can access the meter grid with Ajax-call and send the assetid from the form as a filter value to get a count of meters, to know if there is at least one meter created.

  • Hi, is Michael suggesting you put a regular javascript event handler on the copy button, rather than use the eam events?

    Thinking about user workflow, are you trying to prevent users from copying a donor record that doesn't have a meter?  Would you not normally have ensured they have a meter in your process?

    It might be more straightfoward to go for an after update Flex ... ?

  • I have this same question.  I have a custom screen that I want to blank out some fields when a user copies a record.  I can't seem to find a trigger for it.  I tried aftercopyrecord just to see if it would work but it doesn't.  I also found beforetoolbarclick:

    '[extensibleFramework]': {
                    beforetoolbarclick: function(screen, action) {

    Which triggers fine, but aftertoolbarclick doesn't seem to work either.

  • My template for toolbar clics, so far, is
            '[extensibleFramework]' :
                beforetoolbarclick: function(screen, action) {
                  var screenClassName = '';
                  try {screenClassName = Ext.getClass(screen).getName()} catch(e){console.log(e)};
                  var screenControllerClassName = '';
                  try {screenControllerClassName = Ext.getClass(screen.getScreenController()).getName()} catch(e){console.log(e)};
                  var tab = null;
                  try {tab = screen.getCurrentTab();} catch(e){console.log(e)};
                  var tabClassName = '';
                  try {tabClassName = Ext.getClass(tab).getName()} catch(e){console.log(e)};
                  var tabName = '';
                  try {tabName = tab.tabName} catch(e){console.log(e)};
                    + '  screen: >'     + screenClassName           + '<'
                    + '  controller: >' + screenControllerClassName + '<'
                    + ', tab:>'         + tabClassName              + '<'
                    + ', tab name: >'   + tabName                   + '<'
                    + ', action: >'     + action                    + '<');

                  // HDR, CMT : commenti, DOC : documenti, LST : griglie
                  switch(action) {
                    case 'copyRec':         //  Copia record (Ctrl+F)
                    case 'deleteRec':       //  Elimina recod (Ctrl+D)
                    case 'enterDesigner':   //
                    case 'help':            //
                    case 'nextRec':         //  Record successivo (Ctrl+giu)
                    case 'newRec':          //  Nuovo record (Ctrl+N)
                    case 'previousRec':     //  Record precedente (Ctrl+freccia su)
                    case 'printRec':        //  stampa
                    case 'printPreviewRec': //  anteprima di stampa
                    case 'resetRec':        //  ripristina
                    case 'saveRec':         //  Salva record (Ctrl+S)
                      /* return false; */   // blocca l'azione corrente
                      // screen : "EAM.view.administration.costcode.bscstc"
                      console.log('action :>' + action + '< non gestita nel template');
              // aggiungendo un documento in DOC
              // attivando lo screen designer
              // aprendo il lancio schermata CTRL+F2  
              , activate:           function() {console.log('activate');}
              , deactivate:         function() {console.log('deactivate');}

              , beforecopyrecord:   function() {console.log('beforecopyrecord');}
    in HDR I've not found any event for copy.
    Instead I intercept : afterrecordchange and afterloaddata .
    So when user copy a record I see
    beforetoolbarclick  screen: ><  controller: ><, tab:>EAM.view.common.RecordView<, tab name: >HDR<, action: >copyRec<
    HDR afterrecordchange
    HDR afterloaddata

  • That makes sense.  But afterrecordchange and afterloaddata won't work for me because those are triggered when changing records.  I only want to blank out some fields when a user is creating a new record via copy.

  • I copied&pasted the console log after a copy, so they are called.
    If you find some call returning the record's current status (new, modified, ...) you've finished.
    otherwise you could set a flag for this screen after the toolbar copy event & handle it in one of 2 'after*' event.

  • ... looking into unminified app.js I just discovered something like


    that return true if just copied and undefined for empty or plain records.

    "your mileage may vary" - undocumented as usual - wrap with try-catch.

  • I got it working.  I ended up using a flag like you mentioned - I only just discovered where the variable declaration needs to be in order to persist between calls.  I also decided to use beforenewrecord to get what I'm looking for.  Rather than blank a lot of fields out with a copy record call, I retained a couple with a new record call.  If anyone needs it, below is the code I used to retain a couple fields when clicking creating a new record.  Note that this example is for a user defined screen, RUBDCT.  Thanks for the help Davide!

    Ext.define('EAM.custom.external_rubdct', {
        extend: 'EAM.custom.AbstractExtensibleFramework',
        getSelectors: function () {
            var fields = {};
            var newFlag = false;
            return {
                '[extensibleFramework] [tabName=HDR][isTabView=true][userFunction=RUBDCT]': {
                    beforenewrecord: function() {
                        var vFormPanel = EAM.Utils.getCurrentTab().getFormPanel();
               = vFormPanel.getFldValue('wspf_10_bld_store');
                        fields.bin = vFormPanel.getFldValue('wspf_10_bld_bin');
                        newFlag = true;
                    afterloaddata: function() {
                        if (newFlag) {
                            newFlag = false;
                            var vFormPanel = EAM.Utils.getCurrentTab().getFormPanel();