"Push notifications" inside CSI?

A new project I'm working on is requesting 'push notifications' to the users without using email. I'm unsure if the built-in Inbox feature will work as it's very close to email. I'm trying to avoid having a user keep a specific form open if possible. I also do not want to use "NET SEND" as a) it hasn't been totally reliable here and b) it isn't a "cloud ready" solution. Has anyone had any experience with this? What did you do?

  • If I can ask, why is email not the preferred notification method? They want something in-app, as it were?
  • This is how it was explained to me by the customer:
    Employees are being hit with too many messages, and with urgent requests coming in we want the employees to receive in in-app notification. Staff rotation also makes it difficult to pinpoint where an employee may be working on a given day.
    Right now I'm exploring options on how to achieve this. I'm almost going to have to have them keep a form open that just auto refreshes on a timer but I can see how a push notification could be useful for other projects.
  • I'm experiencing the same kind of requests... people are trying to use Teams chat over Outlook e-mails, for instance; but in my experience it just creates more information for users to read and analyze; and multiplying the channels is not an efficient way of helping people manage their workload, in my opinion.
    In any case, I guess each user could keep a dashboard form open all day long, such as Customer Service Home (or any other "Home" screen that is relevant to the user). The Alerts, Tasks and Inbox features, along with the Graphs, summary Dataviews and Critical Numbers, look to me like they would be a nice centralized view that should appeal to the people requesting this project.
  • I did a Form based Timer (.Net) in SL8 that worked really well. It monitored our Job Finish transactions by serial number in close to real time, by assembly line which is marked on the Job, and combines that finish data with production target data that supervisors would "build" each morning based on the schedule (manual, not Scheduling module).

    Unfortunately something is broken and the Timer does not execute the same way in CS9.01. There are a lot of new dashboard type components / Forms now though, and I'd like to revisit this project. As a reacharound I've left those stations on SL8. I'll put some fire on this one.

    How far did you get?