Order Verification Report Automation

We are looking to automate the order verification report.  Is anyone doing this today?  We will be in CSI v10 Cloud and want to send the OVR to the customer document profile email address.  Trying to come up with a way for this to happen without agent intervention.  Any ideas? 


  • Completely automated? Probably not. How would the system know that an order has been completely entered and is ready to have the Order Verification sent? Best case, you have a button or checkmark and once those are clicked, the background task for the report can be run through a form event. passing in the parameters from the currently selected order, plus the default values from the Order Verification Report form.

    If you want to do it in batch on a schedule, you would do it the checkbox approach and have one additional checkbox for whether it has already been sent. Then you would setup an AES Event that runs off a timed AES Trigger, that runs the Background Task for the report and does that for each order where the "Send Verification" checkbox is checked, and then after the BG Task has run, you'll have to do an Update Collection Event to update the "Verification Sent" checkbox.

    The Use Profile flag from the Order Verification Report form parameters tells the system whether to use the Customer Document Profile settings or not. If checked, the Background Task will automatically use those settings.

  • Thanks so much Tim!  Yes, definitely realize we need a trigger to let the system know the order is done.  We tried to do it in batch on a schedule but we ran into some trouble with this.  We have set up an automation where when we add  or modify the email address on the Ship-To a Customer Document Profile is generated for the Order Verification Report. 

    I think we may use the button or checkmark option. 

    Hoping we can multi purpose it and also use the button to change lines from planned to ordered status so they release to the pick workbench.