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CSI - NEW FORM - Auto Populate Fields

I have created a new form, "Continuous Improvement Report" and have some fields that I need assistance with please.  

1. CIR Number - I would like this to be an auto generated sequential number that automatically populates when a new report is created like the CO Number.

2. Item/Description - I would like to have the Items ComboBox automatically populate with my Items in CSI and then the Description field automatically show the description of the item.  I can get the Items to show by tying the List Source to SLItems, but I can't remember how to then get the Description to show.

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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  • What you need is a Component Class with a Validator within that Component Class. Take a look at some standard ones. For example Component Class ItemDescVar. 

    You'll see it has the Validator Item in it and the first parameter passed is used to set the Description Property.

    So if you form has Item and Description property bindings. Do this 

    Remove that List Source from itemEdit you have above. In Component Class put ItemDescVar, then in parameters put the property name of the Description field. That should do it. 

  • I think you are just overthinking this since my original reply. If you are still having issues, direct message me and we can do a Zoom and I can walk you through it.

  • Sometimes simpler approaches work better! Such as adding the Items table to your custom IDO and binding the Description field as a read-only IDO Property. The advantages of that is now the field is filterable and is documented as a part of your schema as opposed to just a value that is popped in on your form from a validator or form script. Also less hits to the database as a validator would have to send a separate request for each record in your collection.