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Adding a searchbox dropdown on a custom user field


In configuration console is there a way to create a dropdown for a custom user field?

Basically we created a custom user field on the Employee Business class and LRCDetail form and related it to a Custom Business Class using custom  relation.

Now we want the users to select the value to be entered on that field from the Custom Business Class values only by creating a dropdown where they can search and select the required value for that field.

Kind of like what we used kndef and skndef in Lawson.

Is it possible in LPL?

Could someone share a custom code on how to do it?

  • To tie the selection to a custom business class you need to define the user field to the business class via NamedType. Enter the name of the custom business class you want the user field defined as. Do not provide a Field Type or size as this is inherited from the business class. Or in lpl you can just define it with the syntax of

    Persistent Fields

    XYZUserFieldName is a XYZBusinessClassName

    default label is untranslatable:"XYZ Name"

  • Hi After doing this will the dropdown be implemented.

    The custom field will map to a description field within the Custom Business class and not the whole class.

    For example the XYZ business class will have a unique id for uniqueness and also a secondary key  "XYZname" that we want to link to this custom field in employee business class. We want the users to be able to able search and select the "XYZname" field and store in the Employee business class custom field,

  • Yes, the dropdown will be implemented based on the Key Field Name of the custom business class.  If your custom business class also has a Description field you can also reference that Description in the form lpl.  This will then show the value in the dropdown and the description next to it.

  • This is throwing me an error. Can you help?

    Is there a sample for named type

    Employee is a BusinessClass
        owned by hr

        Persistent Fields

            ZZZLocationType  is a ZZZLocation
                default label is untranslatable:"LocationType"

  • So you have ZZZLocation defined as a custom business class?  If so paste in your custom business class

  • ZZZLocation is a BusinessClass
        prefix is cfg

            symbolic key is Location

        Persistent Fields

            ShortDescription is Alpha size 20
            Active           is Boolean

    Then for Key field

    Location is a KeyField

            type is Alpha size 100

            business class is ZZZLocation

  • Ahh.. I have my business class name and key field the same name.  Change your NamedType to your key field

  • Like this?? Its still giving me an error.

    ZZZLocationType  is a ZZZLocation.Location
                default label is untranslatable:"LocationType"

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