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Which event can be used for shortcuts?

Is there any event available for shortcut created on M3 Panel.

I have developed 1 LSO script for PPS201/B panel which currently working on button,but need to execute it on click of Shortcut. But I didn't find any event for it.

I have developed all functionality in Init() method,but due to which if I use any other option either Standard or related option script gets called and excutes the functionality even if it is not required. Need to restrict this functionality on click of shortcut only.

Could you please help?



  • Hi,

    If you wan't to execute the script with a shortcut you should point to the script when you are creating the shortcut, you have some script otions in the "advanced" area of the screen. 

  • Hi,

    yes I have given the script name to the shortcut, but triggering point is its Init method due to which causing the error.
  • It sounds to me that the script is still mapped to a personalization on the panel itself, thus it's running always.
    You mentioned that you had a button before adding it to the shortcut panel.

    Please make sure that you have removed the script personalization from the program.
  • Hi,

    There are 2 different scripts.One is attached to button and another is attached with shortcut. Button script will gets executed only when user clicks on the button. If user clicks the shortcut then its related script needs to be executed,which actually happening, Problem is that I have written code in Init() method so that even if user returns from PPS201/E panel to B ,script executes its functionality each time and shows popup.

  • Hi,
    The shortcut script should have all it's code in the init function, that is OK and that script should not run if it's only connected through the script shortcut. I haven't heard anything about such an issue so the issue is in your script code. If you have a script connected to a panel (button or whatever you use to connect it) then that init method will run each time you get to that panel.

    You description still points to the fact that you have the same script with a init method that executes the call connected directly to the panel and not only to a shortcut. You say that you have two scripts with different names, but they must also be different, they can't both have logic in the init method. Only the script connected to the shortcut can work in that way.

    Remove the script that connects to the button. Then clear the JScript cache with mforms://jscript/clear in Start and Search. Try the Script for the toolbox area again. It could be that this script is connecting to events that will trigger it on subsequent loads. Unless you share both or these scripts there is no way for the community to actually know exactly what you are doing.

    If it isn't working as expected go back and try to make a smaller script will less functionality just to test the flow with debug printouts to the log for example.
  • Hi ,

    Thank you so much for this solution I removed the script which were connected to Button and now shortcut script is working fine.