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Infor M3 Odin 2.2.0 - UserService > getUserContext doesn't not return the correct value of User Context


I'm trying to get the user current company and current division by using the userService.getUserContext() method, however the current company id and current division id returned are incorrect.

My default company are 900 and division 100.
The current company name and current division name are correct just the current company-division id has this issue. Below I've attached the code:

import { Component } from "@angular/core";
import { ArrayUtil, CoreBase, IUserContext } from "@infor-up/m3-odin";
import { UserService } from "@infor-up/m3-odin-angular";

  templateUrl: "./user-context.component.html"
export class UserContextSampleComponent extends CoreBase implements OnInit {
constructor(private userService: UserService) { super("UserSampleComponent"); }
    ngOnInit() {
      this.userService.getUserContext().subscribe((userContext: IUserContext) => {
         this.CONO = userContext.currentCompany;
         this.DIVI = userContext.currentDivision;
Here is my current environment:
Here is the user context data returned from method userService.getUserContext():
Could someone help me? 
thanks in advance.