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Infor M3H5 - Disable multiselect on list (datagrid)


How to disable multiselect on M3H5 list (datagrid) and set it to be single row selection? I’ve try to do the following setting in my script however it doesn’t work. When user hold CTRL + select on row or Shift + click on row, with the following setting user still able to do multiselect (multiple selected rows are highlighted). = function () {
var _this= this;
var grid = this.controller.GetGrid();
grid.setOptions({ multiSelect: false }); // to disable multiselect
var handler = function handler(e, args) { _this.onSelectionChanged(e, args); };

What I want to achieve is :
When user hold CTRL + select on row / Shift + click on row, there is always one row is being selected (this.controller.GetGrid().getSelectionModel().getSelectedRows() only show one item in its return array) and only one row (the selected row) being highlighted.

Can anyone help me on this? Thanks in advance.