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Script in H5 mashup?


Is it possible to use a script in a H5 mashup? If so, do you have any examples or any information about this somewhere?

In our case we want to connect a script to a button in the mashup. 


  • It's not clear what you would like to do.

    Do you mean like a button in an H5 panel that is in a Mashup, like this example below?

    Or are you building a custom control?

  • Hi Karin! I'm working with Johanna on this matter.

    What we did was creating a H5 mashup using the mashup designer in Smart Office and saving it as a web mashup, so that this mashup can now be used in H5. Using the mashup designer we added a button to the mashup. So this button does not exists in any regular H5 program.

    In Smart Office mashups, you could use LogicalTreeHelper and VisualTreeHelper classes to find this mashup button in the JScript code and bind an onClick event to it. So you could combine mashups and scripts, which was very helpful when standard mashup functionality was not enough. Now we are looking to do the same thing in our H5 mashup.

    // Jonatan

  • Try and use jQuery to access the button.

    This should work as long as there is not a conflict with another id. But you have to add the JavaScript to one of the M3 programs.