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Ordered Events in MT

I have an event being triggered from Event Analytics and processed using a MEC map in a MT environment.  Occasionally I get an issue with events for the same item being processed concurrently and out of order.  Is there anyway that I can ensure events are ordered in multi-tenant?

  • Greetings;

    According to the documentation, delivery order is not guaranteed.  This is from the ION Development guide.

    Message sequence
    Delivering messages in sequence is not guaranteed. Only delivery is guaranteed (at least once). In
    some cases the sequence of receiving is the same as the sequence of sending, but you cannot rely
    on this. Many factors can impact the sequence, such as:
    • Parallel processing (multi-threading).
    • Documents traffic.
    • Intermediate steps in the process, such as content-based routing, filtering or mapping

  • I think Sams is speaking about events generated by M3BE and sent to IEC, not by BODs distributed by ION.

    Can you give an example to help us understand your problem ?

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