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How to stop users skipping over a panel before H5 script runs?

I have a couple of scripts set up on OIS100I to validate user inputs by subscribing on the "Requesting" event.

I've discovered if a user just mashes the enter button from OIS100A, they can pass straight through OIS100I and into OIS101 without ever encountering my validation scripts.

I think whats happening is: On panel init, the next button is available immediately and so the user can proceed before the scripts have loaded and subscribed to the requesting event.

Has anyone encountered an issue like this? Is there a solution for it?

  • Hi Benjamin,

    I have encountered a similar issue on OIS101/B1. I got a script setup on OIS101/BI to validate selected order line status (on Requesting event). If the selected item status meet certain value, an warning dialog will be prompt and user will remain on the current panel (OIS101/B1).

    However I found that sometime the validation script are begin "skip/ignore" which users are able to enter OIS101/E although the validate result is NOT OK. This "bug" happen intermittence.

    It also happen one time that the script is partially loaded (load only the function). You may add log to your script to check if your script has been loaded correctly.

    I've reported this issue to Infor Support Portal and they said its because the script has affects on the standard behavior of the system and recommend us to coordinate with their Consulting Services (its billable).

    Do update me if your got any update/solution on this matter, thanks :)