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Prevent H5 from changing tab when executing bookmark/automation


We have a situation where we are executing an automation in a script. The problem is that after the automation has opened it's program, executed and closed, the user is positioned in the rightmost program tab in H5. This is a problem if the program the user has executed that automation from isn't the rightmost tab, since the user might end up in another program if they have anything else opened. The users would usually like to get back to the same program again.

This is general problem since the same issue occurs if you execute a bookmark or an automation through a shortcut, it's not only when you use a script.

Is there a solution to this? Either some type of functionality to tab in a script, and to somehow know which tab is selected. Or perhaps a way to run an automation/bookmark while staying on the current tab.

Best regards,

  • Hello Jonathan, 

    Good day!

    Thank you for pointing out that the issue occurs not only through script but also in bookmarks and shortcuts as well.

    We’ll discuss this in the development team and plan to include a fix for this in one of our future builds.

    Best Regards,