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Trying to use a non stateless Bookmark

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to use a non staleless bookmark to retrieve all the records of the list of MMS080.
I'm able to open the bookmark correctly with the executeCommand from the formService and I can close it safely with the following code given to me by Fredrik Eriksson more than a year ago :

formService.executeCommand('CLOSE', instanceId).subscribe((r) => {



But, if there is more than 33 results, there is on 33 retrieved. So, I tried to mimic what H5 do by using "PAGE" and "DOWN" as Command Type / Command Value of executeCommand.
I tried to do it by passing it as a parameter, and giving the session ID as the Command Value, too... But it seems that I'm doing it wrong.

Anybody could help me to find how to doing correctly ?

And is there a list of key-words to use like that somewhere ?

Thank you for your time.