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Creating new program/application on M3 working locally

Hello to everyone,

I'm new in M3 Development. I'd like to create a new application/program on M3 using the SDK H5.

I already know how to develop a script in localhost. I followed the documentation:

I use only this format of url ""> to run my scripts.

Now I would like to work locally creating a new application/program using the APIs of M3. e.g. program name: HelloWorld, API: MNS150MI.

So my user start M3 H5 -> CTRL+R and search "HelloWorld" -> the program/application opens succesfully.

  • Hi,

    You should be able to add your H5 SKD application to your user's menu, if you have access and can do that. I haven't added it myself in years but there should be a specific type and the option to write in the URL and name. As for shortname I don't know if that is supported.

    Basically the question is how to make an H5 SDK Application available in the menu? 

    But it's not like you can make it locally available in the menu only, if you add it to the menu the link is there so I don't really understand some of your comments like why would you mention API: MNS150MI or why you would mention that you run it locally. 

    Once the application is ready, deploy it, add a menu item for it and run it. To simply test your application, running the local version you can just add the URL in the start and search dialog. Once you want it to be available with a name it has to be available in the menu.