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Odin: Context Menu, event Right click


Does Odin has objects/methods to use regarding the Context Menu and Right click event ?

I would like to have the same as M3 standard programs.

thanks in advance.

  • Hi,

    You don't mention if you are on version 1 or 2. Either way the UI components are not part of the Odin / H5 SDK, it's Infor standard or you can use the UI control library of your choice.

    Please check and also all the Angular wrappers for those controls in:

    Check the version of IDS that you have in your project and the controls for that and then that version goes with a specific version of the ng-wrappoers that is basically Angular on top of the base controls.

    Hopefully someone else has a working example that they can share with you.

  • Hi ,

    I heard the Infor M3 On Prem next year will be upgraded to the same version of Cloud.

    I'm thinking that the applications created using version 1 will work always until the you upgrade to Cloud, but do these applications will still working on Infor M3 On Prem which will have the same version of Cloud?

    If not, are there any tools for the migration of the applications?

    Thank you 

  • Hi,

    As for M3 On-prem I don't know, you would have to check with the official channels. Conceptually an application will work for many years but in reality web development requires you to maintain and fix all types of issues, upgrading dependencies etc to improve security, performance and so on.

    I do know that H5 SDK have had one issue when the application was run as a contextual application that required a fix in the SDK and a re-build of the application and re-deploy. No code change, just an update of the SDK. But it can happen and always is a long time.

    It's very hard to have an SDK for multiple versions of M3 and multiple versions of Infor Grid and multiple versions of MUA / H5. But yes, the H5 SDK version 1 and version 2 works with different versions of M3 and no migration is needed - unless the APIs that you are calling has changed.

    But I still encourage you to think of the applications that you build as something that you should in fact update and keep current.