IDO Not Found Exception while designing form using New Form Wizard


I have created a New M3CE_IdoLinkedM3Interfaces using M3 Interface Test Form in Run mode. Performed 'Unload All Global Form Objects'. I can see my IDO in IDOs collection form.

Designing a Form using New Form wizard and specified data source as 'My IDO Name'. But while clicking next, Getting following exception.


Exception retrieving IDO metadata: GetPropertyInfo: IPPriceListDemo IDO not found.

Please advise if anyone faced this earlier.


Thanks in advance.

  • First of all make sure that your IDO has been checked in. This is available from the IDO form.
    Second, make sure that your User Preferences has the Unload IDO metadata with Forms checked. Then Hit CTRL-U or goto Form Definition, Unload All Global Form Objects. This will refresh the IDO cache. With this complete you should be able to run the wizard correctly.