Mongoose Reporting Form in CSI

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I'm trying to make a report form to be size 2x4 and another report size 4x6 when print. However, I couldn't seem to find the property of the form or flex to do this. I tried to adjust the size property but that didn't help. Please let me know if there's an easier way for this. In SSRS there's a page setup where you can do this. I'm new to this reporting form and not sure where.


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  • There is no page size in the normal context of a report such as 8.5 x 11. Form Reports use a flex layout mechanism that scales the report content relative to a given display resolution. When you are looking at the Form properties (Form tab in lower right-hand corner of the Designer window) there is a Layout section and under that a Size property. The units are expressed in Flex units which are unhelpful for comparing to traditional units such as inches, centimeters, pixels, points, etc. You'll have to experiment with what size will best fit your content on your given page size. You could try 40 Width by 20 Height to get at least similar proportions to what you are trying to layout on. Starting with 9.01.11, there is a new Paper Size property in Report Options that will scale the Form Report to that size paper. I believe you can add custom paper sizes to do a 2x4 label. 4x6 should already be an option.
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    I'am new in infor cloud.please shear mongoose reporting form development guideline for us.
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    You May get some inputs from this link for Mongoose Form Development.

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  • Well, not only this, but you will not print to a "wide-format" printer in Portrait mode either, unless something changes. Not even in SSRS - in fact, especially in SSRS, because that is where our label reports are.

    For example, lets say you have a wide format label printer that prints something like 11 inches wide, by 4 inches high. If you wish to print your barcodes along the path of printing, which is advised for best quality output for some types of printing mechanisms, you cannot. The report processing of Task Manager will always rotate the output.