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Grid Refresh Problem

I have a grid-only form whose sole purpose is to allow the user whether a Lot or Pre-assigned Lot should be allowed to be selected for Reservation.  It's part of a much larger personalisation but this form is independent.

Clarifying fact 1: the primary (only) collection is based on a View with a union of qualifying records from the Lots and Preassigned Lots tables, so a simple Save has thus far not been possible.

Accordingly I've worked around the save issue by firing an Application Event which updates the appropriate table in the background and does some tidying up of the form.  What I have not managed though is to get the form to refresh and show the updated 'Reservation Status'.

If I either press the Refresh button on the form toolbar or toggle the Filter button manually, the form refreshes and shows the expected data.  However, I can't replicate this programmatically.  I've consulted a colleague who is now as stumped as me, so I thought I'd see if anyone here has come across the problem.

The current state of play is below. 

Clarifying fact 2: the collection save is probably not needed and was only added through a process of elimination.  The only thing that changes in the grid is an Unbound Checkbox.  The Collection Refresh step clears this (and the modified record marker) but doesn't pull the revised data set back via the View

We've tried refreshing via Event Handler steps and Formscript "Generate Event" messages.  We've tried both Collection Refresh and Collection Refresh Current without apparent change in behaviour.  More out of hope than expectation we tried toggling the filter.  StdFormFilterInPlaceToggle takes us back to the original filter criteria and StdFormFilterFilterInPlaceExecute redisplays the data BUT NOT in it's updated form.  Only pushing the buttons manually does that.

What on earth are we missing?

  • PS: if Paul Horne reads this.  This is NOT a Build from Scratch form, just a standard Grid-only form.  My colleague insisted I rebuild what I'd done in grid-only format because he expected it to solve some other issues we were seeing.