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IMS fatal error

We are using IMS v2 at 12.0.30.  When pushing messages to ION via IMS, some times 

a) It returns 201 HTTP code meaning document was sent successfully to ION/IMS

b) When we check in ION OneView we see below message (when double click on document icon from IMS) and ION do not receive the messages sent by client application

     Document is not found for message Id: '8df52bebb94444d98ba6bb9f5e53b4f0'

     Document storing is disabled or document was purged

c) Some times IMS call takes upto 30 seconds. 

Is it a known bug? What could be the possible reasons for it? Its really scary and do not give sense that IMS is really enterprise ready and may be still in "beta" status?

Appreciate any inputs !

  • Hi

    I assume from the way you have described this that in OneView (OV) that you see the time line for the inbound message and that it shows the message being delivered to the target (what is the target in your use case) - but when you click on the document icon between the source and target you get the error you mention above. The only explanation I can think of for this at the moment is that someone has purged the Data Lake content - but without knowing more about your flow and what you are actually seeing it is hard to comment further.

    if you have not done so can you please log an Infor support ticket - they will be able to help you check on this

    it is certainly not normal and not something I have seen or heard of from anyone else 

  • IMS as an API accepts the message and acknowledges a response code back, then it processes the next step in consumer flows.  The response to the caller is performed without downstream flow success or failure.  Those are handled in a different manner.  So IMS success means the hand off occurred and payload is with ION.

    Can you confirm if the message made it to the destination endpoint(s)?  and is just not showing in OneView?

    There is a setting in ION configuration to not store messages, but by default that is off.

    If the data made it to its destination and is not showing in oneview, that is a much different problem.

    There has been some history of slowness to store data or even getting overloaded in older versions. 

    12.0.30 is pretty old and I would recommend updating to the latest version, the ingestion and storage has been moved to an elastic search and is much more responsive.

    What size is your payload being loaded?   any data over 5 Mg is not supported at this time.

    What format is it data payload?

    IMS like all APIs is dependent upon networks.  What separates  the source application and the ION endpoint?  same network?  or another site many hops and networks away?  How fast are the Ping and other calls?

    If you call the Payloads API (not sure that is available in onprem) with the ID noted above, what is reported?