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MHS003MI, LstIntItmFac - List Interface Item Facility

We're hoping this API can return a list of all items assigned to a particular Facility.

I've been testing this API in Infor, however I'm not sure our data meets the requirements and needed associations for this API to return the items on the result set of this call. It looks like there may be a dependency to have an interface item number assigned to the item.

When I run the API call, and only supply the FACI value, this error appears:

"Interface item number & 1 does not exist WIFIN03 IFIN".

My question is, can this API be used to return a list of all items assigned to a Facility?

If not, is there another API in Infor that can do so? 


  • You are looking at the wrong API - use MMS200MI instead of MHS00xMI.

    In MMS200MI there are a few options:

    1. You could use MMS200MI/LstItmFac. The only issue with this is that you need to enter a valid item number as the starting position of the list.
    2. /LstItmFacTime can also be used to return the item numbers, then you would need to use another API to get details about each item.

    Another option is to use CMS010 to create an information browser over the MITFAC table, then CMS015 to create an API over the information browser.

    Good luck!

  • Appreciate the knowledge share Gary!

    I ran LstItmFacTime() in the Test API page, and used the FACI parameter for one of our facilities, and the list was returned.  It looks like this call returned all the items for this facility at one of our companies (123) in this environment, however I used the CTRL-R shortcut key and had switched to a different company (456) prior to running this call, I don't see any of the items in the return list for company 456?

  • Not sure where you are doing Test API from / which version of M3 you are running. If Grid Management pages, then your logged in user will drive the company.  Change your default company in MNS150, log off then log on again.. 

  • I'm using the Test API feature in the Admin Tools >> M3 Metadata Publisher.

    As you recommended, now that my default company on my user profile is set to 456, now the API call returns the list of items for company 456 for the facility I specify, exactly what we needed.

    Thanks again Gary.