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Processing of Inbound BOD in M3 Cloud

Hi All,

How incoming (customized) BOD get processed in Infor M3 Cloud.

What is first point of connection from third party to M3 eco system, in simpler word does it come first to MEC or ION?

Legacy Application -> 3rd Party Middleware -> ION -> MEC -> M3


Legacy Application -> 3rd Party Middleware ->  MEC -> ION -> M3

My scenario is:

The Legacy system sends fields related to planned manufacturing order, based on these details find the record in extension table, get the order ID & perform Delete/Create/Update operations in M3.

  • Hi,

    The data flow should be :

    Legacy apps -> 3rd party middleware -> ION -> MEC -> M3

    ION can retrieve a file in a folder of a local VM for example if you install enterprise connector. This enterprise connector requires credentials that you can download from M3 MT (check admin tools). The custom mapping should do the required operations : find record in extension table, ...