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Infor ION API - OAuth 2 Token

We have an A2A integration that is using the Process.SalesOrder API to add sales orders from one application to Infor M3.

We have an Authorized App (Backend Service) in Infor ION. We set the token expire option to the longest duration available (2 Hrs), and we have the Issue Refresh Token enabled and set to zero. The page says "Enter 0 for Refresh Tokens to never expire".

From the above, it seems that we have two options for the maximizing the timeline for a token to expire, 2 hours or use the refresh token that doesn't expire. Am I understanding this correctly?

The follow-up question would be, if we decide to use the access token that expires every 2 hrs, what is the most efficient way to determine if a new access token is needed?

We may be sending many orders each hour to this API, and we're hoping that every order doesn't have to create a new access token.

Do ION have functionality to help avoid making an access token call for every request, assuming we do want some type of expiration on the token?