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Retry option when the IONAPI results in Error


We are using a doc. flow where we are getting the BOD from M3, Transforming it to JSON and finally pushing it to 3rd party REST via ION API.

In the last part of my Doc. flow where i am pushing JSON to the IONAPI, Is there a way we can perform Retry Option when the IONAPI returns specific error codes(For ex: 503).
I don't find such options. And i am thinking if it is possible to achieve this scenario using Error BODs i.e Call the 3rd Party API inside my Workflow when i get Confirm BOD for http Error code 503 and by using the LoopBack,Wait option we can somehow achieve the Retry WorkAround. But i am not sure how to get the Entire JSON content inside my Workflow. This JSON content is not present in my Sync.ERROR BOD. Any way to pull my Message Content?   

Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.