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CMS011 Related Table returning blank values when running Simulate and CMS100MI?

The main table in CMS010 is MITFAC.

In CMS011, the related tables are MITMAS and MITPOP.

The key fields (Equal to) for MITFAC to MITMAS are CONO and ITNO. I've added the MITMAS.MMCFI5 as a field to this group, and the MMCFI5 column has been added to the View. I have also created a Custom List MI transaction to use this Browser Category and View. For each item from the parent table, that has an MMCFI5 value in the Item Master table, I see this value for the appropriate rows in the result set when I run this Custom List. All is good at this point.

For the second table I have related, the columns from the MITPOP table are all blank on the result set when I run the Custom List. The MITPOP key fields (Equal to) are CONO and ITNO. I have a hard-coded Equal to value of 6 for the ALWT column so I only get customer alias' from this table. For the remainder of the key fields, since they do not share common fields with MITFAC, I set all of these to First record for the Read option.

I'm not sure why I am getting no values returned for the MITPOP columns on this View\Custom List when I run this via the Simulate page or by running the CMS100MI method.

Please let me if you have thoughts on how to fix the result set.



  • I created another Information Browser Category and related table for MITFAC to OCUSIT. I wanted to do a simple test of two tables, with the parent MITFAC table having one record, and the child table OCUSIT having multiple records. The connection between these two tables is by CONO and ITNO.

    Since the OCUST table has two customer associations for the ITNO I'm tesing with, the View\List should return two rows.

    Also, this View\List has the same issue as my previous attempt of MITFAC-MITMAS-MITPOP, the fields from the related table OCUSIT (CUNO and POPN) that I added to the View\List are blank on the result set.

    In Summary:

    1. Does the Infor View\List logic support returning multiple rows in the result set, per one parent row?

    2. Why do I continue to get empty values in the additional fields I add to the field group?



  • Hi Jon,

    1) No, it's 1 for 1. This is the reason why you have the choice to select the first or the last record of the related table

    2) Look at your settings. You put the link on MPALWQ instead of MPITNO. 

  • Thanks Maxime,

    I fixed the JOIN to use MPITNO.

    The View now displays the "child" data from MITMAS and MITPOP.

    The fact that it doesn't display all the records from MITPOP, with the matching ITNO is a show-stopper for us. We have to be able to see all the Alias' for the specified ITNO.

    I'm not understanding why this tool doesn't support a one to many. Is there any workarounds to this?

    For instance, ITNO 'S010000004' has two records in MITPOP, so we need the list to return 2 rows for this ITNO, so we can see all the Alias' for this Facility-Item.

  • It's probably not possible in this case, but the idea is to a 1:1 join or a many:1 join.  So you could potentially join from the Alias table back to the Item Master rather than the other way around.

  • Hello,

    You can join several times the same table to MITMAS by choosing your own prefix.

    For example, join MITPOP with prefix Z0, then MITPOP with prefix Z1, then... and for each join, retrieve Z0POPN or Z1POPN... but you have to hard-code the join values.

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