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BODs-Process.SalesOrder_866ab8eb.xsd - PDS607 Configuration Display Options

This is a follow-up to a previous post, we now have more details from our M3 Implementation Team in regards to how we're going to implement sales order line item - attributes (size, color).

We have created Features in PDS055 for size, and color. The Features are type 5 (Text), so they do not have an associated PDS056 Feature Connect Options record.

We associate the product attributes to a sales order line with OIS101 >> Related Menu >> Options/Config page (PDS607).

The Sales Order\Lines will be originating in an external system, so we are using M3 standard Process.SalesOrder schema and ION API to add these sales orders\lines to M3 CloudSuite.

The question is, can we use the standard Process.SalesOrder schema and ION API to add these PDS607 records for the sales order line items, in the same API call we use to create the sales order\lines in M3?


JonPDS055 Features - ProcessSalesOrder BOD - PDS607 Options-Config.docx

  • I've done some more research on our implementation. The text value we enter for the Color or Size on the PDS607 page is stored in MSYTXL table. I also found records stored in the MPDCDF (Configuration Detail File (QJ)).  The QJCFIN column in the MPDCDF table stores the configuration number identifier.

    I'm not sure how or where this configuration number is derived?

    An alternative approach I've been considering, if Process.SalesOrder API call can't add these Feature-Text values during the sales order add, is to possibly update the sales order lines after the sales order has been created. Are there API's available to fetch a configuration number for a specified Feature, and then update the OIS101.OBCFIN field with the configuration number?