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Upgrading InforOS 12.0.x

Can anyone advise on the difficulty of upgrading InforOS 12.0.x?    We currently have 12.0.20 and would like to get to at least 12.0.37 if not .40.   Anyone experience any issues either as part of the upgrade process or as a result of it?   

The installation guide states a recommended upgrade path of 12.0.20 > 12.0.25 > 12.0.30 > 12.0.32 > 12.0.40

Have others actually installed each version without jumping to the most recent?   Any estimates on how long each hop takes?

  • Yes, I have done quite a few of these. There are definitely multiple items to check each upgrade, primarily .30, .32 and .37, centered around the Elastic Search introduction. Each upgrade takes about 45 minutes to run with 15-30 minutes of checking on the necessary items. You will also need to install Amazon Corretto and changejdk with .37.

    With the changes to Infor OS, and introduction of Elastic, it may be easier to install a whole new farm. You can easily export most Infor OS items and then re-import after the new install is completed. This route would take less time than it would for you to upgrade to .37 or .40.

    I do not believe you can go directly from .20 to .40, although i have never tried. 

    Either way, ensure you have up to date and valid backups of Infor OS Server(s), Infor OS Shared Drive and SQL databases.

    Good Luck!

  • As far as I remember build 30 is required when you want to upgrade to build 32.. So from 28 you can not go directly to 32, and I guess it also works the same for later versions.

    We did the upgrades from build 8 directly to 28 in the past, which ended at the end in fault installation. Since it was not done by recommended upgrade path, we had to solve it by ourselves at the end (the solution from support was to reinstall).

  • Hi Matt,

    In addition to what Brandon wrote, your OS server must have at least 32GB RAM and 4 CPU cores to be able to upgrade to 12.0.32 plus.


  • Hi, all.  Matt, you've received great feedback from everyone so far.  All of which aligns with what I've seen and experienced as well.

    Elaborating on Brandon's mention of approach to upgrading, evaluate what's been invested in your deployment so far.  Most likely, you'll find it simpler and less time consuming to export and save work, then re-import after a fresh install at the current level.  Of course you'll want to document any of your general settings, etc. too so that can be setup on the new system.

    My recommendation would be to take this approach and install 12.0.40.  It's been a solid upgrade on-premise.  Check that all prerequisites are in place and away you go!

    Also, depending on your time-frame, I believe another release will soon be made available per Infor's product update announcement in Dec 2019:

    "Infor OS is expected to begin offering on-premise bi-annual release updates starting in calendar year 2020, with currently scheduled updates in June and Dec."

    Good luck!