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ION Desk object deployment best practise

Hi community,

This post to ask what is the best practise to deploy a data flow from IOS DEV environment to IOS PRD environment taking into account the example below:

The following data flow contains various connection points, XSLT mappings, several schemas objects (Noun_00, 01, 02 and 03... and only these) defined through file templates. The connection points have other documents connected to them for other data flows.

Exporting this data flow by using the dedicated button sounds good at first glance but it creates an XML file with all details in it: 

- connection points + all their documents attached to them : not only the one we need (Noun_00, 01...) but also all other documents that may be under construction or used in other data flows. This is not what we need.

- file templates, XSLT mappings : OK

- schemas must be exported apart from the data catalog : OK

As a result, when importing this XML file on the target IOS, we are getting a tons of errors because of non existing documents in the catalog (Noun_x1, Noun_x2, Noun_y1...) which are currently not used by the data flow we need to export. 

My question is : how do yo deploy such a data flow and the associated objects without exporting everything tied to the connection point ? What about deploying small updates after go live on a given data flow like this one ? Maybe someone has experienced such a case and any help would be appreciated.