Consuming multiple files using ION Desk/Data Flows to M3



We have a process where we need to receive a header file and a separate transaction file from our bank.  The files share a naming convention (B*.txt for the header; T*.txt for the transactions). They are used for the purpose of creating a statement reconciliation header record in API ABS180MI.Add; importing the transaction lines in ABS181MI.Add; and finally validating the header in ABS180MI.Validate. This API sequence is called by an IEC map.


I require the header and transactions ideally to be merged into a single file so it can be consumed by ION, transformed to a custom BOD and used in the IEC map. Is there a way to merge 2 incoming files using ION?


Alternatively, does anyone have a suggestion for handling file sets such as these within ION?



  • Hi Hayden,

    For this kind of scenario, I can suggest using an XLST mapping to do a transformation. But I highly doubt that it will allow you to merge two documents into one.

    We have done some R&D on a scenario like this where we had to tamper the XML file before sending it to the IEC, for that we used a stored procedure (SP). Once we receive the XML we keep it in an external table as an XML then using SQL we do our modifications and read that record again into ION. It is a bit long workaround though.

    If you are on single-tenant version this merging can be handled through another IEC map.