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Binary File Template

I have a data flow that sends data to a Binary File Format template and wondering how I can decode it to a destination within the Flow.    


Mainly, concerned about decoding in the Flow.



  • Anyone?  The data flow has a binary file template used on the Mapping and sending a XML file with binary in the RAW DATA field.  

    How can I decode and send just the Raw Data to the SFTP site in Text Format...not XML.  




  • If you're on multi-tenant then I suggest you look at the python scripting to decode / transform the data.
  • Yes, I am on Multi-Tenant. Would I build that in the script area of ION and call it in the Workflow area.
  • That's my recollection yes. I played with it at Inforum last year. I do have notes but I'm travelling at the moment and don't have them with me. If you get stuck I'll see what I can find. Contact me at

    Cheers, Al.
  • Hey Jaime,

    Can you provide some more details on what you're trying to do here? If you're using the binary feature of file templates, than you can use that to deliver your file (e.g. XML) exactly as is to a destination. Is the goal to pick up an XML file (not a BOD XML) and deliver that XML exactly as it was formatted during pickup?

    Or are you trying to pick up an XML file as binary and then process & decode the data so you can map the fields to another data format?

    Chapter 5 & Page 148 of the Infor ION Desk User Guide has details on XSLT extensions within the Mapper that you can use to decode a binary file with and write elements to a target BOD schema. That may or may not be helpful to you based on the situation you're facing right now but thought I'd mention it.

    The scripting engine that Alistair mentioned is a great tool if you need to take some binary file (e.g. XML) and do arbitrary data transformation or enrichment on it using Python. Converting XML to an EDI file, for example.

    But going back to the beginning, can you describe what you're ultimately trying to generate as the final data format?

  • Thanks Mike for your reply.

    I have a data flow that converts the data flow that has mappings to to process a XML BOD. At the end of the flow, the file template is using binary64 because it is a fixed file format of 94 characters. However, when using a sFTP connection point it seems that the file that is landing is in XML format. However, I am able to encode it but it seems that my data is always landing in this format (below) versus landing a TXT file with only the RawData. I want a file named 20200121T193929143.txt to land only with MY BINARY Data as its contents.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <SyncLCL_US_ACHPPD_Binary_CreditTransfer languageCode="EN"
    <LCL_US_ACHPPD_Binary_CreditTransfer FileExtension="txt" FileName="20200121T193929143">
    <RawData>MY BINARY DATA</RawData>
  • Just needing the Raw Data to output to a file. (i.e. File.txt)