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Handling large number of items

Hi Everyone,

This is a discussion I just posted in the M3 group, but I am also interested to here from Infor OS users dealing with large number of items (Updating and Purging the Data Lake, running the ETL, Analytics in Birst, System Perfomance). The third ER mentioned below (The ability to receive large files into a CFT folder) is an Infor OS requirement. If you encounter the same issue please vote.

Below are some ER-s which could be interesting to you if you are dealing with large number of items. If you are facing these issues, please endorse these ER-s before the May 31 deadline.

Equipment dealers like Rudd Equipment are able to sell parts from different suppliers (OEM-s). Each supplier provides us with price lists (Item catalogues) which are updated frequently. In order to use these parts in M3 they have to be defined in MMS001, MMS002, and MMS003, and we need to have a standard cost in PCS300 to be able to perform any stock transaction, or calculate a margin when a quote is created.

Especially in M3CE it will lead to performance issues having large number of item records (Think of all views, reports using MITMAS and MITBAL data, moving data to the Data lake and Birst, running standard M3 programs using MITMAS, MITBAL and MITFAC)

I the current M3 solution an "auto add" option exist in MMS005 which will automatically create MMS002 (and MMS003) when an item is entered in certain programs. This functionality is very useful but does not solve the business needs completely.

The first ER is ER 55831, which was entered by Lantmannen in Sweden. Lantmannen has more than 9 million parts (we are at about 1.5 million). When supplier catalogs are loaded we use the MHS001 and MHS200 programs. The request is to add MHS001 to the search sequence in different programs (especially OIS101) and import the MMS001 and related records when needed.

The second requirement is ER 56392. This one is dealing with the standard cost update when a new item (or item warehouse) is created. Currently there is no easy way to do this automatically when the item facility record is created. In our case we have to same cost in each of our 13 branches, which means that we are storing the same cost 13 times. If you are not careful the costing files can easily grow to 100 million records (>100GB).

The final ER is ER 53709, which is an Infor OS ER. Some of the files we receive form vendors are very large and exceed the 5MB threshold for Infor OS. Therefore we need the ability to split the file in smaller chunks to use it in an Infor OS data flow.


Fons van Aert