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Fetch Old Values from a table field using event analytics and send to Custom BOD - MT CE


On premise there is a possibility to get the old and latest values of field(table) in event analytics rules and put them in event data and post to MEC Custom BOD.

Is there any way on Cloud MT to get the same old value and retrieve the field data in MEC.

Example : 

MMS001 - Item master  (MITMAS) status (STAT) is changed from 10 to 20 .

Old value = 10   

New value = 20 [STAT]



  • Hey Lakshmi,

    You might have some better feedback within the M3 community forums or user group. However, you might want to take a look at M3 and its usage & replication patterns with Data Lake. M3 is replicating all state changes (new records, updated, and even removed/deleted records) to Data Lake where you're able to run SQL queries against the replicated M3 tables and influence the behavior to return de-duplicated datasets, all variations, and so on.

  • Hi,

    This is the same in cloud. Here is an example of a standard EventAnalytics rule for ItemMaster testing old value of field MMSTAT.