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Can I create a Custom BOD using an existing BOD, say, PurchaseOrder?


Can I create a Custom BOD using an existing InforOAGIS BOD, say, PurchaseOrder and then make slight modifications to it so that I may be able to map my input file onto it?

Thank you in advance.

  • Standard BODs may not be modified but can be customised using pre-defined place holders or extended with new content. For customization, you can add additional name/ value pairs using the <UserArea> element. You will find this element in the (pre-defined) schema of standard BODs. If your customization require complex XML structures, you can define the schema for your new content and can insert it into the standard BOD through "User Area Extensions". You can find the documentation on both in the ION desk Development guide, page 109: 

    Of course you can also easily convert a standard BOD to a custom BOD in an ION Mapper step. This will give you complete freedom to design your Custom BOD based of a standard BOD. 

  • Thank you Vignesh. There are so many documentations available. And, as a newbie to all of this, it can become quite overwhelming to start. Still trying to digest all these new terminology as the recent economic climate imposed additional job function from end-user to techSupport and newDevelopment gotoGuy. There will be lots of reading up on the material to figure out how everything ties in together. Thank you for pointing me to the necessary documentation.   

  • There are many guides covering Infor OS components and several on Infor ION.  These are found on support portal as well as  where you can follow through to