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Has anyone been successful in consuming an AssetMeterReading BOD?

I have been working on this for about 3 weeks and I think I am getting closer each step. Documentation for troubleshooting is lacking at most. Now, I am stuck and I don't know where to turn to because the error message in DataBridge is cryptic. I don't get any Errors on the ION side and I traced the Data Flow right down to the last Message Content before it was passed onto the EAM DataBridge. Message Content has correct data types and values.

Has anyone seen this error message in DataBridge? And, where can I get reference material to research these messages? I don't even know where to look for the ejb-jar.xml.



  • Hello again, I have just recreated a new Mapping using the Modeler instead of writing my own XSLT and I am getting the exact same error message on the DataBridge Message Status. Does EAM consume AssetMeterReading BODs? Has anyone had success with consuming AMR.BOD? I also created a ProcessAssetMeterReading Mapping and it failed with the following error message "java.lang.InstantiationException". 

    I would be interested if someone actually had success with consuming AssetMeterReading BODs.

    Any hints or direction would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hey RST,

    I quickly checked one of the EAM Inbound Mapping docs and it does look like they support the AssetMeterReading BOD. More details @

    I would recommend double checking that your mapping/content conforms to the inbound mapping spec and supported properties - it could be a potential parsing/processing issue. EAM may support a subset of the properties of the BOD so if you're populating elements elsewhere, EAM may not be handling them.

    However, not sure how lucky you'll get with Databridge experts here :( You may want to try EAM forums but looking at the error, I don't think this is something you can tease out yourself - and rightfully so. Seems best course of action would be to reach out to support and ask them for some help on deciphering the meaning and/or logs here.