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Infor OS 2020-06 Install Errors

Got all the way towards the end of the install and got the following errors when the installer went to create the IIS virtual directories:


Any idea of what is causing this? I did turn off notcount on the SQL Server and enabled the "8DOT3" naming on the servers (followed by restarts) as various KBs indicated. But not finding any answers for these error messages. Using Windows Domain administrator account for all account specifications. 

Infor OS Server:

Windows 2019 Server

34GB RAM (bumped it up in VMWare to get 32GB free)

4 Cores x 2.5 GHz

300GB free disk space

SQL Server:

Windows Server 2019

SQL Server 2016 SP2


2 Cores x 2.5 GHz

250GB free disk space

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