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How to enter Enhancement Requests

Even though Infor has provided an online Enhancement Request system for many years I still run into customers who don't know it exists or don't know how to use it.  Here is a quick cheat sheet:

1. Login to

2. Click on "Resources" and in the drop down menu choose "Enhancement Request System"

3. A pop-up window will appear for the ER system. 

4. You should search the system first to make sure your request has not been already entered.  To do so choose "ION Process" for the Product.  You can also put keywords in for the title or leave it blank. 

5. Existing requests will be displayed.  Click on the ER ID to view a request. If one matches your request vote for it.  You can also comment on it to add your own specific requirements.  If you find an ER that is interesting you can also "watch" it to be emailed if it is updated.

6. If no existing requests match then click on the "Add Request" link near the top of the page and fill in AS MUCH INFO AS POSSIBLE.  Be very specific.  Enter your own business use cases if possible.  The more information the better!

New requests should be reviewed periodically and the status of the request can change to "researching", "reviewed", "closed", etc. to let you know the progress.

Thanks everyone.  We hope this ER System is a benefit to you!

  • Thank you Keith for posting this discussion. I would encourage members of the ION community to periodically take a look at the ER's that have been generated. This will help shape the future of ION and the capabilities ION has to offer.

    There are a number of great requests coming from customers and partners. For example, there are a few requests related specifically to extending the rules for alert & task escalations. If enough interest is generated these requests can become a reality. Check them out...

    □ Selecting users for task escalations, not just next-in-line managers (ER13928)
    □ Excluding weekend days (or holidays) from task escalation (ER13927)
    □ Add ability to assign escalation rules based on task priority and/or another workflow parameter (ER15248)
  • Just FYI:
    The ER for weekdays exclusion is not searchable using the above number. So used the keywords "task escalation" instead. The ER ID for the said enhancement is 38859, have endorsed it now :)