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Extract data from Infor datalake and generate CSV files

Hi , I have a requirement to create job(script) that needs to extract data from Infor datalake and to generate CSV files . Could you help to do with best approach ?

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  • This particular feature will eventually come in AnySQL on top of Data Lake as a managed ION feature. We're still actively in development on this and hope to have it out in the 2nd quarter this year.

    Where are you trying to deliver the files - file server? API?

    For high volume, do you mean high frequency of calls to the APIs? Or do you mean extraordinarily large data sets? There's no functional limit in terms of how large datasets can be but I will not that we don't currently page the results today. We've recently started getting this request from a few other users and we're looking at when we can start to design and build :)

    I'll keep you updated