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[Feature Preview] Atlas Object Browser

Hey everyone,

Amongst other topics & features on our roadmap for 2020, one project we're quickly advancing is our new Atlas browser that would allow you to explore the Data Lake's file system and better understand, preview, manage, and download content you or your applications are putting in the Data Lake. Previously, interacting with files including object metadata search and single & multi-object payload streaming was limited to the Payload APIs within the ION API Gateway.

With Atlas, objects are organized by object name with an overview of indexed content associated with each object. The right-most context panel provides file previews as well as some light editor capabilities to make it easier to search for data in specific files. From here, you can easily download, purge, or mark objects as corrupt which would preserve your data objects in the Data Lake but omits it from processing with interfaces like Compass or Birst.

The goal of previewing the feature with the community is to help your teams see what's coming down the pike but also generate feedback from your use cases and ideas. Let us know what you like, what you think could be improved, and new ideas you might not see represented here. Gathering your feedback helps improve Data Lake and I can't get enough of when you're all excited for these kinds of features!

Final note - we're still doing a lot of polishing so you'll notice changes between when Atlas is delivered this year (hint: another thing to be thankful for). 

Key Features

  • Overview & management panes organized by object name
  • Identify orphaned data objects in storage that no longer have a corresponding metadata model in Data Catalog
  • Download one or more objects directly from the Atlas for local storage
  • Mark objects as corrupt to prevent data processing in Compass
  • Preview and search files in the preview panel with configurable features to fold, wrap, and improve contents' visibility including a high contrast mode

Vision & Roadmap

Our first release of Atlas will be the foundation for a lot of new innovative features within the Data Lake to improve and introduce management of content. 

  • Statistical dashboards and ingestion graphs
  • Sync validation with Infor applications to ensure Data Lake has all the data ERPs have replicated
  • Virtual buckets for creating logical containers of objects with shared characteristics based on data and metadata
  • Deeper configuration options for how to influence Compass querying dynamics and partitioning behaviors (performance)
  • Security management framework

Infor Data Lake Atlas