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How to match the XSD of the custom object schema with BOD implementation of LN?

Does anyone know how to implement a custom BOD with LN studio that is according the XSD that was imported as custom schema in InforOS, so that the BOD in LN exactly matches the structure, attributes and data types etc that Infor OS expects?

My process is:

1) export custom BOD from InforOS

2) adjust scheme and modify noun name and attributes and so on.

THis results a new schema.

3) import adjusted schema in Infor OS creates a new custom schema in Infor OS

4) create new BOD definition.

Here the problem occurs: the XSD from OS gives errors when importing.

And I am not sure how to manually create a BOD in LN Studio that matches the XSD of Infor OS custom schema (created in step 2).

Hope my question is clear enough...

Has anyone experience with creating a custom BOD for LN and use it in INfor OS?

  • Hi, why not using an ION mapping to map the custom XML into a BOD? What we did was first importing the XML using "File Templates" and "Generate Metadata". This generates a custom BOD. As a next step, a mapping was created to map the custom BOD into an LN BOD. Hope this helps.
  • One thought is that you could take the opposite approach.

    Step 1) Create & design your BOD in LN Studio

    Step 2) Save the BOD/XML file to your computer and navigate over to Infor iON

    Step 3) Go to ION Desk > Connect > File Templates > Add

    Step 4) Select Format Type 'XML' and upload a copy of your saved BOD

    Step 5) Fill out the rest of the remaining file template details and Generate Metadata

    One considerate about this approach is that when you save the BOD example from LN Studio, you may need to strip out BOD related data like the headers and properties so your XML is simply the base XML content. When you generate the metadata, you'll be presented with a screen to select your Document ID and then ION will generate the full BOD schema into the Data Catalog.

    We're looking to make this simpler in the future with Data Catalog where you'll be able to use the wizard and simply upload a BOD and walk through a wizard to register it in Data Catalog. Hopefully later this year :)