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ION Integration With Syteline and Other System


I want Integrate Syteline with other System through ION

which Setup install Require For that.

Is it compulsory require ADFS services for ION?

Any practical Demo(video) available for creating BOD?


Please Suggest.

  • Firstly - is your deployment local to customer's On-premises Or is it CLoud Suite Industrial solution in Infor Cloud?
    Assuming that its an On-prem deployment that we are talking about, you need the Techstack from Infor which is Infor OS 12.0.x (latest version is 12.0.20). This is one product that includes all Technology components from Infor - namely ION, IFS, Ming.le, IONAPI, Document management and Homepages. This is the product that you need. Please check with Syteline team which version of their product is certified for INfor OS 12. Also they can help you with additional information like Videos/ user documentation etc.