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Not able to view Custom BOD in OneView.

Hi All,

I have created one Custom BOD for Sync and Process and registered in ION Registry, it was successfully imported. I am able to see the BOD in connection point Document after activating the connection point, BOD should reflect in  Subscription table(tlesb300) but it didn't reflect in tlesb300 and OneView as well so I added the Custom BOD manually in GTM still I am not able to view the BOD in Oneview.

Can anyone guide me to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance. 

  • Can you please explain the basic use case?
    From your description, it seems you are an LN customer and you want LN to publish a Custom BOD.

    In this case, the LN subscription table will be updated on one of the following conditions:
    1. YOu make a doc flow such that LN -> Sync.CustomBOD -> Receiving application -> activate the flow.
    2. the LN connection point is active (by virtue of being in some other document flow) and you have an active monitor or activation policy on top of your custom BOD.
    3. The LN connection point is active and You have a message listener active for the verb of the custom BOD you are using

    Also not sure, what you meant by saying you used GTM to insert the custom BOD manually..
    - Do you mean you used the GTM to update the subscriptions table? If so, this should not be done. ION will manage this table.
    - or you used GTM on your custom table corresponding to your custom BOD? If so, is this a properly implemented custom BOD using LN extensibility module?

    To summarize, you just need three simple things:
    1. Register your custom BOD in the ION Data catalog (a.k.a ION Registry)
    2. Add it to the LN CP, Make your DF where LN is exchanging this document with some other CP and activate your DF.
    3. On the LN side, use LN Studio/ extensibility module to properly code and implement the server side of your custom BOD.

    And then publish the event from the LN side, it will be received by the receiving application.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards
  • Hi Vignesh,

    As per your mentioned steps, I have followed the above LN subscription table conditions still I am not able to view the CustomBOD in Oneview.

    There is no problem from LN side and able to see the attributes structure in ION.

    Please guide me on this.

  • Your original email said the subscription table is not updated.
    Your last email suggests, nothing is visible in Oneview. Does this mean, the subscription table is now updated?
    Note, there is no point in testing by publishing the BOD and checking the Oneview if the subscriptions are not updated.

    So, Can you please clearly summarise what the problem is?

    In any case, if you either have a doc flow where LN is sending this confirm BOD to another application Or if you have an active monitor on your custom BOD while the LN connection point is active (Note: your last screenshot shows that the monitor is inactive), then the subscription table should be updated. If not raise an Infor Xtreme support ticket.

    If your document flow configuration is correct, Subscription table is updated and you publish the BOD from LN but nothing arrives in Oneview, Then we need to debug this further. Can you check if there is another active LN connection point (in some or another ION installation) who may be hijacking these messages..? If there are no obvious clues, then also please log a support ticket for further debugging.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards