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In Flight

What does it mean when says "In Flight 5" in the OneView Messages for Verb.Noun window?


  • Hi Nick,

    Below a printscreen of ion desk user guide :


    Hope it helps.

  • Thanks Maxime. I am looking in the ION Desk user guide and it still doesn't give a good definition of "In Flight". Does it mean that the BOD is still being processed?
    I have 376 Documents, 990 Messages back to the beginning of time (we launched this interface on Oct 2, 19) that are still "In Flight" and one or two dozen documents on any given day. Is it normal for there to be document/messages permanently "in Flight"?

    The reason I am asking this question, is that we are seeing Maintnenance Orders being either dropped or duplicates being written into the Infor ERP (Public Sector/Hansen).
  • Hi, all. I'm tossing in some notes that we've received during a project, where Infor CRM is integrated bi-directional with Infor's ERP XA. If it doesn't help your particular case, perhaps it'll help others that have encountered the "in flight" message. Yes, in flight is supposed to signify that the BOD is still being processed.

    "It seems that this is expected behavior for CRM and ION desk at this time, there may be more that the CRM product could do to notify ION, or Vice versa in the future, but for now seeing in flight in a document's history view in One view is not unexpected. As long as the document is being delivered, it should not be a sign of anything that should cause an issue. If you notice a count of records rising in other screens, such as the connection points screen, that would indicate a possible hold up or issue receiving/sending documents between the two applications.

    I had also personally looked over documentation for both product lines CRM and ION, and could not find anything that specifically addresses an in flight status, such as a confirm or acknowledge bod. Confirms and Acknowledges are for different steps in this process, than this in flight status."

    For us, the most important issue for our end customer was the successful delivery and consuming of the BODs within Infor CRM. The BODs are successfully picked up by CRM and successfully consumed by CRM. We can also clearly view the data for these Sales Orders inside of CRM, including the Sales Order line item comments. That was the whole point of our project, so we declared victory and celebrated the fact that the document flow is working 100% correctly (though we'd LOVE to see those in flight messages go-away).

    Nick, if you're seeing dropped or duplicate orders, then it sounds like something IS indeed wrong. I think the community will need more information on what has occurred on your system & what you have in place to help you further determine what is going on. Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with Public Sector/Hansen.
  • Stephanie,
    Thanks for the information, it is very helpful to know that this is an expected bug (also known as a "Feature" lol). I will probably create another post to describe the issues we are dealing with in regards to the "dropped" and "duplicate" orders. I am also waiting on resources to be assigned from Infor Consulting Services.

    Again, thanks for your assistance!