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Transactional Handling in ION

Hello All,

I am looking through ION guides and trying to find out how Transactional handling is done in ION if there are different application but couldn't find a good solution. I am taking one such example which i am trying to do.

I have an Oracle DB where Inventory adjustment data is stored from a WMS software. I need to process those Adjustments in LN also and mark them complete in Oracle once it is processed successfully.

So the approach which i am following is " Create a SP in Oracle and Generate an XML Document which has all the Adjustment Orders, Splitting it into Multiple XML's and mapped it to Proccess.InventoryAdjustment ". Now challenge here is ID generated by LN ERP for inventory adjustment is different(As adjustment order is Auto Generated No) and ID which is there in Oracle is different. How can i update back the Oracle table once adjustments are processed in LN.

Any help is deeply appreciated.

Thank You


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