APS450 custom drill back



I am trying to use a custom drill back for APS450. I have done the setup as per the KB article but unable to get it working.  Can anyone see What am doing wrong ? :) 


Please refer to below screenshots. 






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  • Declare two variables "AccountingEntity" & "M3CE_AE" as input to workflow and pass the accounting entity element of BOD as value to both of them

    for the drillback use

    for AccountingEntity- connect paramater to "AccountingEntity" variable

    for Type- try using 'MFORMS' as value instead of 'Mforms'

    for ESCONO- connect paramater to "M3CE_AE" variable or you can also keep on using your defined 'CONO' variable

    for CombinedElements- type 'AccountingEntity' as value (dont connect AccountingEntity as parameter)

    Check the above and let me know if it works