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My name is Shan Molu and I'm the current product manager for Infor Homepages. I'd like to get some insight on how you all are using Homepages and what your Homepages look like. For anyone interested in sharing, do you mind showing a screenshot of your Homepages set up? I'm also interested in learning which widgets you are commonly using, and which Homepages features are being used (mandatory pages, default pages, featured content, etc.).

This information will help prioritize items on our roadmap, as well as potentially add new functionality to the application.

I think this could be beneficial for other users in the forum, but if you want to send this to me directly feel free to reach out to me at shan.molu@infor.com. 





  • I've written a few widgets for our team to hit APIs and simplify processes for the team. For example a widget to pull a customer list, allow the user to select it, then with one click -- Run an AR open items report and reprint all invoices that are past due into a PDF for the customer to review. Another widget uses an API call to get a list of all open cartons in the warehouse to be sure our TWL processes have met their deadlines and ship the orders. We also use homepages for BI graphs and dashboards of KPI data. One challenge is adding pages to users logins as an administrator, I'd like to be able to impersonate a user vs logging in as that person to setup their specific options and page layouts.

  • These are great use cases - thanks for sharing. I'm sure others will appreciate that as well.

    As for your challenge with setting up pages for other users, is it more around building a page and assigning the pages to users? Or seeing what pages are available and how pages/widgets are displayed for other users?
  • Shan,
    We have access to Homepages only because we bought ION for the ability to write interfaces, and that gave us everything that came along with the InforOS stack. I believe we over-invested in what we were looking to get, but since we have access to all of these other tools, such as Homepages, I would like to learn how to use those tools.

    Do you have any walk-throughs or videos on how to setup Homepages? This is not something that my boss will want me to invest any time in since I am already knee deep in my other Infor projects. However, if I could throw together something that is presentable and useful on my own time, I could make a case for using this product.

    I saw some of the dashboards that you have posted, and I believe our executives would like that, but I also need to make it useable by my mid-management and front line producers for it to be worth our while.
  • Hi Nick,

    Hopefully after you learn a little bit about the Infor OS products, you'll feel a bit more fulfilled about your investment. We do offer many resources on Infor Campus to teach customers about our products. We've also created shorter walkthroughs of our products that are available on our Vimeo page. This album has videos for a majority of our Infor OS products, so if there was something else you were interested in like Infor Document Management, Chat, or Coleman you can find them there.


    The Homepages specific video is here: https://vimeo.com/album/3620345/video/276522210


    I hope you find these resources useful, if you have any questions let me know.


    Shan Molu


  • Hey , you made an interesting comment on feeling you over-invested. Is that you only need a subset of integration features that come with ION?

    Depending on the level of depth you're using ION, you might be able to squeeze some extra value for very low labor time by putting together some workflows and ION monitors to alert to events and exceptions taking place across your systems. From there, it's a quick skip and a jump to enabling mobile devices to start receiving tasks and alerts, allowing users to execute decisions on approval workflows, etc.

    And, of course, those same tasks, workflows, and monitors can be exposed to Homepages so that users logging in have a broad overview of decisions that require their attention or action.

    Just some thoughts :)
  • Mike,
    Thanks for your input. The problem is that ION and InforOS are secondary to me. My primary role is to support Infor Public Sector (Hansen) and we purchased ION as a tool to interface with the software and databases used by other business units. I can definitely see the potential of using ION, but we have so many other products being used by different groups which include a DMS and two separate deployments of SharePoint on-prem (not to mention O365 creeping into the mix).

    At this point, InforOS is just another black box to me.. It is like staring into the Abyss and feeling a presence staring back at me!

    It would be great if I could make a couple of quick connections in ION/Ming.le and have something to show off to the boss, but I am in the middle of a Infor Field Inspector deployment, Trying to do a Rhythm Proof-of-Concept, and an ION interface that has stalled out due to internal politics.

    Sorry for the ranting...
    Thanks again for the input,
  • Hah, well understood Nick. I was actually previously a SyteLine 8.03.11 customer doing integrations as well and it was a balancing act of priorities, investments, and so on. Feel free to reach out, PM me, or start a new thread if you're looking to revisit integration challenges. Plenty of helpful people on the boards.

    Once you're ready to hit the ground running on integrations, you'll find baking in additional layers of functionality based on easy business wins should come fairly easily.
  • Hi Stevemac, your comment seems very interesting as you have created very useful widgets . We are also using homepages to show the standard widgets like Task, Alerts, Insider Posts but never customize or created a new One. I have also opened a incident with infor to ask if we can create our own widgets and customize them according to our requirement but they replied its not possible to create/customize a widget and you can only use the standard widgets available. I am more interested to know how you have created these widgets and what skill set require to do this?

    We are also using Infor BI but not using any BI widget as I can not see any widget related to Infor BI.

    if you help me that would be very much appreciable. Thanks

  • There is a homepages SDK for InforOS, look in the iso file for installing the InforOS program.. You will find the note about where it's located...
    Latest SDK can be found on Infor cloud GitHub


    Navigate to the zip and click 'Download'

    This gets you the baseline and some example widgets to start with to begin building your applications. Like calling the ION API to proxy into your business system to run a report.

    You also have the option of using the web page widget and configuring it to display a https ssl secure web page inside a widget. For example I use it on a server that can do ODBC calls to the system to pull selected items.

    Several ways to be creative with Homepages...

    Support is likely not going to get involved with this level of things, it's what you can do or work with ICS to build your application.
  • Are they all Mingle widgets or Application Homepages?
  • We are an SX.e ERP company, so the InforOS has access to APIs that allow us for example to submit a report to run inside SX.e. So we are hitting the actual application, not just Mingle. You can also use Application builder the same way, both are limited to the open APIs for the ERP. If you want to write back to the application from a homepage type widget, it's likely a full Mongoose application, I haven't needed that piece yet.
  • I gone through with the document and it seems you need a good skill set of building web application and API..I am a ION/BOD Developer and LN Technical not sure if I can do it. :(
  • Hi Shan,

    I tried following your link to Infor's Vimeo page, but there are no videos there that I can see (see attachement). Do you need a certain membership to be able to see the videos?

    Kind regards, 

    Sofia Danielsson

  • Hi Sofia,
    We've actually moved our Vimeo site over to our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/.../UCO64l_VdkRQtOLA_NzWD5ug

  • Shan,

    We're implementing InforCloudSuite Financials and HR. We're also implementing Birst and in the beginning phases of design.

    Users are interested in seeing Birst dashboards in Homepages, but right now, if I copy/paste a dashboard URL into a Birst widget, it takes me to the Birst login screen.

    Do you know if this functionality is coming soon?