INFOR OS / M3 and in-context task viewer



We are testing the task viewer in-context widget in INFOR OS with M3.


Workflows launched from activation policies have been setup in ION Desk. Everything is working fine :

- we can see tasks in the new tasks list widget + current workflow step  (workflow viewer widget) in homepages

- at the end of each workflow, a process BOD is sent back from ION to IEC


But nothing is displayed in the in-context "task viewer" widget in H5. Have you ever tried this kind of context information ? Have we missed something ?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • It never worked for me..tried so many ways to do this but did not get success.. it will be good if someone can suggest the solution..we are using this with ERP LN
  • There was a discussion in the ION Community regarding this. It was related to LN, but it may help:

    Also, there is an enhancement coming to the Task Viewer context app in release Infor OS 12.0.34 this next month that will solve some problems with M3 screens.
  • Hi,

    This is an old post but i put here what we found (6 months later...) on this topic if it can be usefull for someone...

    Copy/paste of Infor Mingle documentation :

    If the "entities" structure contains the "workflowID":"12345" element, the information about the workflow instance with the specified ID is displayed.

    If the "entityType": "InforWorkflow" and "id1": "12345" elements, where id1 is a valid workflow ID, are found in a message, the information about the workflow instance with the specified ID is displayed.

    If the "bodReference" structure is present, the "documentID," "accountingEntity," and "location" elements from this structure are used to determine if there have been workflows started for this document and to display workflow information.


    There is 3 ways to make it work, we chose the second one. Our workflows deal with ItemMaster (MITMAS file).

    What we did to make it work with M3 :

    - add workflow ID somewhere in a free field of MITMAS; this is done by ION API step in the workflow

    - add in-context link in CSYIEM file through MNS035MI/AddEntityMap : field XXXX is the free field from MITMAS that inherits workflow ID. EntityType = InforWorkflow as mentionned in documentation

    - add field XXXX in the view of MMS001/B; this field must exist in your current context unless entityType "InforWorkflow" won't be populated in the JSON message by in-context functionnality

    - activate in-context in H5


    As a result, the task viewer displays information about the workflow tied to the item code:


    What would be really nice :  be able to jump to this task.... the same way you can do it from the "Tasks" widget

    "Tasks" widget is an utility apps, not a in-context apps : it does not filter on the selected business data....


    ... which leads me to ask Infor team the following question : will it be possible in the future to "view details" of a task from the task viewer ? 

  • Best to enter an enhancement request and let the community vote this one up!