in-context (M3) custom mapping

Greetings to all,


Looking at in-context for application H5 M3, i have added a mapping between field CONA and entity MyCustEntityMaster (MNS035MI).


After a quick refresh, the JSON message is properly updated if my current context is MWS410/E ...


...but it's not working on the B panel (despite the fact that field OQCONA exist in the view)


Note that on the B panel and with this view, we can see the standard entities InforProductionOrder, InforSalesOrder, InforPurchaseOrder.


Is it working as designed ?


Furthermore, i noticed that fields VFLD & VFVA from CSYIEM file have no impact on the JSON message; in my humble opinion, these fields should work as filters. In MMS080, having a record with ORCA=311 should update the JSON message with entity type InforSalesOrder only. What i observe is that all entities are listed in the JSON (ProductionOrder, PurchaseOrder, SalesOrder) in this case. 

Am i wrong somewhere ?


Thanks !

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